Concrete results ACHIEVED to date include:

  • Design of trials completed
  • Preliminary economic analyses of demonstration sites complete - Read.
  • Implementation began in
    • Italy: AMP grazing, truffle innoculations, Liming, Tree planting
    • Spain: AMP grazing, truffle innnoculations, Liming, Tree planting, Keyline, direct seeding (no-till), reuse of pruning biomass for - mushroom production, compost and biochar
  • Activities for water savings at Muñovela: Yeoman's plow, Keyline
  • Regenerative Agriculture specialists Allan Savory visits the project and inspires project partners and stakeholders
  • Composting in process
  • Trainings held for farmers interested in being project Replicators. 
  • Regular monitoring activities realized:
    • GPS tagging of trees planted for remote monitoring purposes - Read
    • ​Development of compost and colonization of Ceratonia aurata - Read
    • Growth of inoculated trees - Read
  • Dissemination Material created. Download here
  • Project videos produced. Watch here
  • Numerous networking opportunities with LIFE project realized. Full list here

Concrete EXPECTED results by the end of the project include:

1. Economic benefits of €65,400 per year (€654/ha/year), both from cost savings: less external feed, lower veterinary costs, and from additional incomes sources: free range meat, mushroom, truffle production, acorns, bedding for horses, mulching, making the farm profitable and eleminating the need for subsidies;
2. Elimination of biomass waste by 100%, implementing a circular economy approach and recycling waste into added value resources;
3. Improvement of soil quality (30-50%) by increasing carbon sink, water retention capacity, soil nutrient availability, beneficial microorganisms, and prevention of erosion;
4. Improvement of pasture production and pasture quality (25-50% of agricultural land), leading to self-sufficiency in animal feed and higher profitability of livestock raising practices;
5. Increase in plant diversity (15%) and biodiversity overall (20%);
6. Improvement of tree health and resilience in 50 ha of woodlands and 2,000 new multispecie trees planted;
7. Overall increase in animal health and productivity, through reduction in mortality and decrease in calving intervals;
8. Awareness raising and technical dissemination among civil society (>10,000 people informed through website, App, participation in events (meetings/conferences etc.);
9. Active knowledge transfer and upscaling through replication and training courses (at least 15 graduated "Regenerate Ambassadors" by the end of the project).

During the replication action, the area size will be scaled 50 times, to a total of at least 5,000 ha.