Fundación Naturaleza y Hombre (FNYH)

Fundación Naturaleza y Hombre (FNYH) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) and is recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Environment as a not-for-profit Private Foundation, dedicated to the conservation of natural heritage and traditional sustainable activities. As a member of IUCN, FNYH is active in the restoration of ecosystems, recovery of natural flora and fauna and environmental education. The Foundation´s staff is formed by 15 to 20 professionals that include biologists, forestry engineers, geographers, environmental engineers, economists, administrators, park rangers, supervisors and forest workers. FNYH has its main office in El Astillero (Cantabria) and has regional offices in Salamanca & Extremadura (Spain). The foundation has recently opened an additional office in Nave de Haver, Portugal. National and European projects in which FNYH has participated in the area of the proposal:

- LIFE projects: Conservation & regeneration of biodiversity in the Asón Basin, Biodiversity conservation in Western Iberia (LIFE-NAT/E/6333), Society of Fincas for the Conservation of Western Iberia (LIFE12 NAT/ES/595), Biodiversity conservation in the Miera River (LIFE13 NAT/ES/899), Anillo Verde la Bahía de Santander (LIFE14 NAT/ES/699).
- INTERREG III B, Atlantic Area Waterwaysnet: Recuperation of riparian zones and awareness raising on the importance of conservation of aquatic resources of the rivers of Cantabria.
- Tree nursery “El Pendo”: Production of endangered forest species native to the Cantabrian Coast.
- Information Centres: FNYH runs 3 centres (2 of them are owned by the Foundation) with interactive expositions and activities on nature and environment for students and adults.
- Volunteers Network: A network of approximately 100 active members, known as “Friends of the Foundation” or the “Areas of Life Program”. Through this program we create and manage Networks of Natural Reserves throughout Spain, in collaboration with Municipalities and Village Councils.

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