By: Volterra

Keyline Design continues its implementation at Finca Muñovela.

On February 10, 2020, works continued at Finca Muñovela for the implementation of the Keyline Design®. Following a design made by Jesús Ruiz, a Keyline Design® expert, contour lines (Keylines) were marked on the soil using the old ploughing machinery previously amended for this purpose. These lines need to be deep enough to serve as a reference for future ploughing activities. Then, the Yeoman’s plough (Grastiller, He-Va) was attached to the machinery to carry out the Keyline Design®.

This system was developed during the 1950s by P.A Yeomans as a response to increasing soil erosion and desertification observed in Australia. The Keyline Design® combines water capture and conservation strategies with soil regeneration techniques. This system rapidly restores and enhances deteriorated soils increasing their resistance to drought while allowing pastoral practices during the process.

The Keyline equipment can be used in both natural and induced pastures with very little alteration of the land surface. Project participants who are interested in using these techniques will be able to use this equipment in their replication areas.