Field visit at Rollanejo, Salamanca

On May 12, two colleagues from CSIC-IRNASA, Juan and Adrián, visited the replication farm “Ana Isabel Vicente” located in Rollanejo, Salamanca (Spain) to carry out fieldwork and sampling. During their visit, partners took soil samples, checked the status of the animals and made measurements of the oaks’ diameter. These measurements will be used to determine the composition and health of the soil, the health of the pastures (animal health) and the health status of the trees present within the farm, respectively.

These activities are part of the replication actions of the LIFE Regenerate project in the area of Salamanca, in Spain, led by CSIC-IRNASA. These field visits allow partners to monitor the progress of the project and measure its impact in the demonstrative and replicative areas.

The image shows partners collecting soil samples to be analysed.