By: Volterra

Execution of keyline design in replication farms

From February 12th to 15th, the marking of the Keyline design done by Jesús Ruiz Gámez ( was carried out in two replication farms of the Life Regenerate project located in the province of Salamanca.

At the Villaselva farm (Florida de Liebana), of organic production, the design has been carried out on a 36-hectare plot, which will be planted with sunflowers. On Sunday the 13th and the morning of Monday the 14th, the marking lines were drawn, which serve as a guide for the Yeomans-type subsoiler (Grastiller model, He-Va brand) that will complete the execution of the design on the plot in the coming days. Once the work with the Grasstiller is finished, a cultivator will pass following the design made, and it will be sown in the same way.

In the Aldeanueva farm (Aldeanueva de Figueroa), the design has been carried out on about 25 ha of land planted with a mixture of vetch and oats, which the farm's cattle will consume "by the tooth" using rotational grazing with an electric shepherd. On the 16th the marking lines have been executed: the rest of the work will be carried out in the next few days if there is no rain, or after the summer once the crop has been consumed by the cattle if there is rain in the next few days.

With this technique, a greater infiltration of water is achieved in the land, which is also efficiently distributed throughout the surface of the plot, minimizing losses due to runoff by decompacting the land, quickly restoring degraded soils, improving its structure and also allowing grazing during the process. This equipment allows this type of work to be carried out in natural pastures and implanted meadows without causing any alteration to the surface.

Keyline design in Aldeanueva farm

Execution of marking lines in aldeanueva farm

Keyline desing in Villaselva

Work team