By: Volterra

Stabilization of gullies with pruning debris on the Muñovela Farm

Among several of the uses that can be given to the pruning remains of a farm is the stabilization of eroded soils. In the case of the Muñovela farm, there are some gullies resulting from erosion due to surface runoff.  In these areas, smaller pruning debris branches have been used to "fill in" the gullies. The branches extend along the bottom and side walls of the gully.

Gullies in Muñovela

Gullies with pruning remains (above & below)

This use provides a certain short-term stability by increasing the roughness and slowing or dispersing the flow of water that can become concentrated in the area. This favors sediment deposition. In addition, the presence of these branches prevents the farm's own livestock from accessing the gully, thus reducing erosion generated by trampling and allowing grass to grow (since it cannot be consumed by livestock either) creating a root system that provides greater support to the soil. In addition, the organic remains decompose, increasing the soil's organic matter and its capacity to retain carbon and water.

If you want to know more about the different uses of pruning remains, please consult our Guide to the Reuse of Pruning Remains in Mediterranean Agrosilvopastoral systems.