By: Volterra Palencia

Second Steering Committee Meeting Life Regenerate in Sassari (Sardinia)

From April 11th till 13th the University of Sassari (Uniss) and their partners organised the second Steering Commitee Meeting. All partners except Fundación Naturaleza y Hombre were represented. Also the project monitor, Sara Mora, participated to the two day event. The first day was with the usual meetings among partners and also with instructions and recommendations from Sara on how to run the project. The second day the trial site in Santu Lussurgiu, the Elighes Uttiosos farm of the Caratzu family, was visited during the whole day. The property of 230 hectares consists of pasture plots spread between a valley and a mountain area. It is a cow, goat and pig farm already moving the animals to the different areas in winter and summer. The farm also has a camping and restaurant facilities.

The technical staff of the partners had a good and creative session discussing the details of the size of the plots and the criteria of how and when to move the animals. Since this a few people and essential information on this was still missing another meeting was planned by skype in the week following the meeting in Sassari. All partners enjoyed the stay in Sardinia and the hospitality of the Italian partners. Everybody is looking forward to get started with the trials in Italy and Spain.

The two days were filmed by Miguel Granero and his assistant Carmela. He was subcontracted to film the landscape, to interview the partners and stakeholders to get a good impression of the base line at the start of the project. Miguel still has to do the same in Salamanca.