By: Volterra

Reuse of pruning remains in Campanarios

The remains of the pruning of more than 200 trees from the Campanarios dehesa farm, are being reused in different ways.

The first of these is the production of biochar, for which the Kon-Tiki oven provided by Volterra is being used. This oven was transferred from the Muñovela experimental farm to Campanarios a few weeks ago. Most of the biochar produced will be stored to incorporate it into the soil in the next winter cereal planting campaign. It is planned to activate it before it is applied to the land with the manure stacked in the farm's cattle stalls.

Another part of the pruning remains will be shredded, using a bioshredder provided by the Fundación Naturaleza y Hombre. The idea is to mix it with manure and thus produce compost that will be applied to areas of the farm that require soil improvements.