By: Volterra

High interest from Regenerate replicators at Allan Savory event

Last Sunday, Volterra and LIFE Regenerate sponsored the Allan Savory event in Elvas at Finca Defesinhas. On this beautiful farm rotational grazing was introduced more than 2 years ago and Volterra has been reporting on their progress already in several articles.

Close to 100 interested farmers and experts participated in this event where after registration everybody received a copy of Allan Savory’s most recent book on holistic management. In total 7 confirmed Replicators of LIFE Regenerate joined this event with an interest to learn about sustainable management from experts and other farmers.

We started with an extensive field visit to discuss natural tree regeneration, soil health, keyline and rotational grazing practices. From the project team we had representatives of UEX, CSIC-IRNASA, Fundación Naturaleza y Hombre, and Volterra participating in the constructive discussions on the results of such regenerative practices.

Key expert Allan Savory explained his experience applying a holistic approach, taking into account both economic and environmental impact and that animals have a mayor role to play in keeping ecosystems maintained.


1. UEX professor Gerardo Moreno discusses keyline and cover crops.     

2. FNYH’s Juan Pérez discusses commercialisation of sustainable meat.

3. Allan Savory sharing his experience

In fact by organizing intense rotational grazing (many animals on a small area of land for a short time) this has shown to lead to remarkably healthier soils and faster regeneration of trees and bushes. The trampling of the soil and high concentration of dung & urine gives a boost to bacterial life and soils recover very fast from their eroded state, becoming more spongy (absorbing more rain water) and eventually turn into carbon sinks.

The whole objetive is to create dynamics in the system at all levels that enhances biodiversity (and ultimately biological control “free of charge”).

After a very nice lunch a number of presentations were held where the LIFE Regenerate team explained the project and its next Replication steps. Several participants showed interest to now join the Replication phase of our project, so that we can bring the total amount of farmers to 10 or even 12 Replicators. With all these farmers Volterra and FNYH’s teams will be in touch to invite them for the September Replication trainings in Salamanca province.








4. Project team explaining LIFE Regenerate.

5. Alejab’s President Gustavo Ales illustrating keyline.

6. Allan Savory and Alfredo Cunhal on cork oak.

7. IRNASA’s José Luis Hernández, Allan & Jody Savory, Volterra’s Sven Kallena and replicator Eva Tocino.