By: Volterra Palencia

Presentation of Life Regenerate Project to important food group

Egbert Sonneveld met with 2 managers of the Agricultural division of a large food group in the province of Palencia. This company, which due to privacy reasons cannot be named yet, is a leading producer of food stuffs like bakery, pasta and snacks. Since a few years they are investing in land and properties in Palencia and Burgos regions to restore traditional farming systems in a sustainable way. They own now several properties with among others agro-silvo-pastoral activities including the breeding of autochthonous sheep & cows ideal for meat production and extensive grazing. On the properties there are already grazing systems in place that are being improved continuously. Egbert offered to keep the company’s staff members informed about the results of the Life Regenerate project due to their strong interest in replicating parts of it in Palencia and Burgos.