Networking with AGRIS and LIFE SheepToShip

The meeting was carried out on December 20th, 2017, at the Elighes Uttiosos farm. The following people attended the meeting:

  • AGRIS (a Regional Agency for Experimentation in Agriculture): Maria Sitzia and Lorenzo Salis
  • CNR: Antonello Franca, Claudio Porqueddu, Enrico Vagnoni
  • FORESTAS: Sara Maltoni
  • UNISS: Alberto Atzori, Giovanna Seddaiu, Antonio Pulina
  • Farmers (6) from the “Montiferru” district, including the owner Mr. Caratzu, and two farmers interested in replicating the activites of LIFE Regenerate: Sara Casu and Sebastiano Mu

The objectives of the meeting were:

  • presenting the main objectives and activities of the LIFE Regenerate project with special reference to the application of the Adaptive Multi-paddock and Multi-species grazing system;
  • discuss with researchers involved in other projects on agri-pastoral systems on the potential development of synergies with LIFE Regenerate (e.g., SheepToShip project: LIFE15 CCM / IT / 00123); 
  • discuss with farmers about the opportunity to apply the farm practices proposed in Regenerate in their farming systems.

It was decided to organize a farm visit after one year from the application of the AMP system in the Caratzu farm and to organize exchanges between projects.