By: Volterra Palencia

Meeting in Salamanca to discuss preparatory actions on the Muñovela site

Egbert Sonneveld from Volterra visited the office of Irnasa in Salamanca to meet with the full team being Ignacio Santa Regina, Raquel Arroyo, José Luis Hernández  Mulas, Mariano Igual y Alvaro Peix Geldart. The main subjects were the preparatory actions to make a base line situation technically and economically and also to start talking about the details of the trials. Gerardo Moreno, the technical coordinator from the University of Extremadura could not attend the meeting but he will be informed by the other team members. We also received a visit of Rubén Chao from Insitu who is going fly the testing areas and control areas with drones this year and at the end of the project.