By: Volterra

Meeting with Alto Águeda community mayors to present LIFE Regenerate.

On October 26th, several members from IRNASA-CSIC, IDForest, FNYH and Volterra, met with nineteen mayors of the community of municipalities Alto Águeda to present the LIFE Regenerate. In this meeting, they explained the key points of the project. Among the objectives of the day were to raise awareness in the local population, through their representatives, about the importance of the measures taken for the regeneration of the Dehesa. Other objectives were to promote their participation and to listen their suggestions, taking into account the alternatives proposed to carry out the plan.

On this occasion the mayors took the opportunity to express their concern about the progress of the oak decline (Phytophthora cinnamomi Rands), which has caused great impact in the region. The technical participants of Regenerate have already committed to finding a solution to this plague.