By: Volterra

LIFE Regenerate in EIT FOOD

On 13 January, LIFE REGENERATE was present in Madrid at the Regenerative Agriculture Works meeting organised by EIT FOOD. The Regenerative Agriculture Works programme, developed by EIT FOOD South, has the general objective of helping farmers and agri-food companies to adopt more regenerative agricultural practices and to raise public awareness of the important health, environmental and economic benefits of consuming food produced in a regenerative way.

The meeting was attended by Raquel Arroyo Palomares and Jose Luis Hernandez Mulas, representing IRNASA-CSIC, a partner in the project.

Representatives from other research centres (Centro de Edafología y Biología Aplicada del Segura-CSIC; Instituto Pirenaico de Ecología-CSIC), Instituto Vasco de Investigación y Desarrollos Agrario (NEIKER), Instituto de Investigación y Tecnología Agrarias (IRTA), the Asociación de Agricultura Regenerativa and the agri-food cooperative AN (Navarra) also attended.

During the meeting, the results of the EIT FOOD Regenerative Agriculture programme were presented, as well as the results of other projects, including LIFE REGENERATE.

At the end of the meeting, representatives of EIT FOOD presented the main lines of work of the EIT Food 2023-2025 Plan on Regenerative Agriculture, coinciding with the medium-term objectives of Life Regenerate, so it is hoped that both initiatives can collaborate on specific actions that allow farmers and livestock farmers participating in both projects to exchange knowledge and experience on the road to regenerative agriculture and livestock farming.