Technical Field Day with Replicators

On May 12th and 13th, beneficiaries of the project LIFE Regenerate got together with some “replicators” in the area of Salamanca.

On the first day at Muñovela Farm, Volterra prepared biochar so that the replicators could see how the oven works and learn how to use it..

 Volterra also invited Gustavo Ales of Alejab who led a discussion on the difficulties of implementing holistic grazing management. The replicators took the time to present their unique situations, explaining their technical and financial difficulties as well as some “psychological” barriers which they face.  It was clear that time and patience are needed since the change towards regeneration takes years and adapting to the learning curve is not easy.

After lunch IDForest gave a workshop on how to cultivate mushrooms on logs.

On the second day, Volterra, Fundación Naturaleza y Hombre, and Gustavos Ales visited the “Rollanejos”, “Aldeanueva”, and “Sextil” farms in the Salamanca area.  The objective of these visits was to analyse the particular characteristics and management plans designed for each of the farms. In this way we were able to understand the replicating farmer’s uncertainties and provide consultation on how best to begin regenerating.