Celebrating the 30th anniversary of LIFE projects by networking with other European projects dedicated to extensive livestock farming

In the framework of the 30th anniversary of LIFE, the LIFE LiveAdapt project has invited LIFE Regenerate to join forces with more LIFE projects dedicated to extensive livestock farming to claim the role of this activity and the need to ensure its maintenance, especially in areas considered as disadvantaged. To this end, an open letter to society is being created, calling for the valuation of extensive livestock farming, considering its contribution in environmental terms.

On June 22, an online meeting was held between the collaborating projects with the participation of Portuguese and Spanish entities. As a result of this work, an open letter will be launched in different media (national and regional), in Spain and Portugal. We are very happy to be part of this initiative with the projects:

- LIFE LiveAdapt

- LIFE Agriadapt

- LIFE Cañadas

- LIFE Desert-Adapt

- LIFE Landscape Fire

- LIFE Maronesa

- LIFE Montado-Adapt

- LIFE Scrubsnet