By: Volterra Palencia

ASAJA interest in LIFE Regenerate & networking

Volterra’s Sven Kallen took advantage of a promotional trip to Carmona (Andalusia) to present the objectives of LIFE Regenerate to a group of regional ASAJA managers, led by Mr Juan Almansa. ASAJA is the main trade union of farmers in Spain and also very well connected at EU level. The managers of ASAJA were very interested in our initiative to restore the Dehesa farmland to more productive and profitable operations. Many of their members complain about the difficulties in the market (low meat prices and difficulties to provide added value) and the need to import every time more expensive feed for their cattle. A more self autonomous Dehesa farm would be very interesting and ASAJA has offered to disseminate our results the coming years.

Also, ASAJA is involved in numerous LIFE projects, such as LIFE Biodehesa, which is very relevant for our project. In this respect Mr José Fernando Robles, director of ASAJA Sevilla, mentioned an exchange of positive experiences between both projects in order to reinforce LIFE networking and accelerate mutual uptake of results and best practices.