Preparatory actions

1. Environmental baselines study of demonstration sites: will provide baseline information on the demonstration areas and design the respective trials for each area. Collect the data necessary to determine the environmental parameters needed for implementation and monitoring.

2. Economic baseline study of demonstration sites:  study of the available resources and determine areas of improvement.

3. Design of trials: providing a “menu” of sustainable, integral management options that will be adapted to each circumstance.

Implementation actions 

1. Execution of trials:Salamanca (40 ha in Spain, CSIC) and Sardinia (60 ha in Italy, NRD-UNISS).

2. Replication of trials (Spain, Italy, Portugal)  (approx. 5,000 ha). Business case/replication analysis for future uptake.

3. Creation of interactive platform for other users to learn and apply integral management schemes on their own land, targeted towards land users and managers of similar ecosystems.

Monitoring of the impact of the project actions

1. Monitoring of environmental and economic indicators. 

2. Conclusions, guidelines and recommendations including a socio-economic impact study and a white paper on the potential for future policy planning.

Public awareness and dissemination of results

1. General dissemination

2. Information and awareness raising

Project Management

1. Project Management